A special THANK YOU to our generous donors

The Donor Society


Mr. and Mrs. John Spence



Mr. and Mrs. Terry P. Scholes*
N. Jerre and Denise Richards, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James Hunt*



Mr. Lynn Wallace*
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Burns*
Doug and Tricia McDowell*
Mandy and Stephen Young*
Marty and Kerry Flanagan*



Mr. and Mrs. Donald Holmes*
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hansen*
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ainsworth*
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Anderson*
Mr. E. Graham Baker*
Lauren and Spence Curry*
Ms. Dawn Eaton*
Mr. Jon Gaston*
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Harrison*
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Howard*
Mr. and Mrs. Neil V. Lambert*
Mrs. Susan Travis-Paulsen*
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Ponder*
Ben and Jennifer Shain*
Philip and Pam Smith
Paul and Jenny Steele*
Jeff and Dana Stroop*
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Trail*
Mr. Jimmy Wooten and Mrs. Betty Adams Green*
Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Wootten*
Mr. Clay Hart
Ms. Gracie Robinson Porter

*Founding Members

The Donor Society is based on individual gifts of $1,000 or more 
excluding events
sponsorships, foundations, corporate or honorary giving. 
For more information, contact April Oberlin, Director of Development at 615-333-2644 x11