Volunteer With us

Positive Parenting... PLUS

Volunteer Positions: Children’s Coach, Class Host, Prep Coordinator & Enrollment Coordinator
Volunteer Time Commitment = Once a week/ 3 hours a week (minimum of 6 months)

2-generation program provided in communities that offer parents more convenient access and helps:

  • parents or guardians better understand child development and gain more effective parenting skills;
  • children learn how to express their emotions, self-regulation techniques, communication skills, etc.
  • consistent topics create opportunities for parent/child engagement between sessions


Volunteer Positions: Children's Coach, Community Ambassador, Program Coordinator, Program Facilitator, Childcare

Volunteer Time Commitment = 3 to 4 hours for each program (minimum of 3-6 months)

2 to 4-hr seminars helping families navigate change and challenges related to:

  • divorce/separation
  • fostering
  • blending families
  • sharing custody
  • deployment
  • first time parenting


Volunteer Positions: Family Coach Assistant, Observation Rater
Volunteer Time Commitment = 4 hours a week/up to 10 weeks (minimum of 6 months)

based off the same curriculum as Positive Parenting/Nurturing Family, Master Level staff work 1:1 with parents/families to identify challenges, gain knowledge and skills, and help achieve positive outcomes through direct observation and support


We have several other administrative volunteer needs at our office and beyond:

  • office support
  • facilities maintenance
  • fundraising event help
  • design and videography