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Family Engagement Liaisons
We're looking for several volunteer Family Engagement Liaisons!  This is a great opportunity to volunteer from home, during days, evenings, or weekends and help families improve their children’s resilience! This role commits to:

  • training to better understand The Family Center, it’s clients and their needs, and how to serve as an effective virtual liaison with families
  • connecting at regular intervals with up to 10 families (calls and/or texts on scheduled 30day, 90day, 6mos, and 1yr follow ups)
  • providing feedback from clients through email to our program team members
  • helping clients connect with community resources when needed
  • maintaining client confidentiality
  • a background check to ensure compliance with the Department of Children’s Services’ CAP requirements

The Family Center supports your volunteer efforts through:

  • training
  • ongoing support and timely responses to questions or needs
  • regular opportunities to connect with other volunteers for sharing and connections
  • providing resource lists 
  • identifying ways to help clients when needs arise
  • covering the costs of backgrounds checks

The benefits:

  • knowing you’re helping families maintain what they’ve gained through The Family Center’s programs which helps increase resiliency in their children
  • helping The Family Center stay connected with clients once they graduate from our programs
  • furthering The Family Center's mission of breaking multigenerational cycles of childhood trauma

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!

Ending multigenerational cycles of trauma takes a whole community.  If you're passionate about helping families, your community and our amazing advocates we need you on our Team!  Plus! According to Harvard Health, volunteering created a "happiness effect", and volunteering weekly leads to happiness levels comparable to a life-changing salary boost.

Just fill out this quick form to help us get to know you and our Volunteer Coordinator, Jenna, will get in touch with you shortly!