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If you would like to make an in-kind gift, please review our Needs List below and schedule a date and time to drop off at one of our locations by calling 615-333-2644 or you may choose a gift to send to us from our online wish list.


Self-Care Kits for Moms and Dads! 

When a parent graduates from our Nurturing Home program, they’ve not only improved empathy, made deeper connections with their children, and learned new ways of coping with family stress… they’ve also done a lot of good work toward breaking multi-generational cycles of childhood trauma. These parents are ROCK STARS and we LOVE to be able to give them a little treat for continued self-care. Now for the need part…we’re running very low on supplies for our kits!

What we need:

anything that would make a mom or dad’s day a little nicer… but nothing perishable

For MOM: herbal tea, spa treats like masks, nail polish, or lotion, scented candles...

For DAD: beard oil/shaving kit, gift card to Best Buy or Game Stop, scented soap/lotion...

We’ll accept these items at our Nashville location at 139 Thompson Lane Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm

Needs List

We thank you for making a gift of new items to our programs and the children we serve! Our current needs are:

  • Spot It Jr. (Game)
  • Spot It Educational Set (Game)
  • Pocket Ungame- Families Edition (Game)
  • Kinetic Sand- 3 sets in different colors (Therapeutic Game/Calm Down Technique)
  • The Feelings Book (Book)
  • It's Okay to Be Different (Book)
  • It's Okay to Make Mistakes (Book)
  • The Family Book (Book)
  • Laminating Refills (Supply that helps us with family activities)
  • Pipe Cleaners (Craft supply that helps us with The Brain Game we play with families)
  • Magnet Tape (Craft supply that we use for many family activities)
  • Super glue (Craft supply we use to make Calm Down Bottles)
  • A Scientific Brain Model
  • Family Appropriate Books (can be purchased here)
  • The Nurturing Game (It can be purchased here)


Kroger Cares

We will receive a percentage of the purchases you make at Kroger! Simply enroll your Kroger Plus Card online at by signing in or creating an account, then click on "Enroll Now" to choose The Family Center, 139 Thompson Lane as your organization!

Amazon Smile

When you shop on Amazon, go to to make your purchases. Under "Select a Charity" search for The Family Center, Nashville, Tennessee and select us as your charitable organization. Every eligible purchase you make results in a donation to us. You can use an existing account on Amazon Smile.

Donate For Charity, Inc.

  • Donate a car to Donate For Charity, Inc. by visiting
  • Name The Family Center as your nonprofit of choice.
  • When the car sells the funds come to TFC