Volunteers are critical to the Family Center’s mission of breaking multi-generational cycles of child abuse, neglect and trauma.  They provide roles that can’t always be met by staff members, augmenting the vital work we do in the communities we serve.

Provided below are the Family Center program volunteer opportunities.  Detailed descriptions, times and dates for these opportunities will be provided along with training and orientation for each volunteer.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

If interested in volunteering and learning more about upcoming opportunities, please email us at volunteer@familycentertn.org.


Positive Parenting/Nurturing Family

Volunteer Positions = Children’s Coach, Class Host,  Prep Coordinator & Enrollment Coordinator

Volunteer Time Commitment  =  1x week/3hrs week/8 weeks 

(minimum of 6 months)


2-generation program provided in communities that offer parents more convenient access and helps:

  • parents or guardians better understand child development and gain more effective parenting skills;
  • children learn how to express their emotions, self-regulation techniques, communication skills, etc.
  • consistent topics create opportunities for parent/child engagement between sessions

Nurturing Home

Volunteer Position = Family Coach Assistant, Observation Rater

Volunteer Time Commitment = 4hrs week/up to 10 weeks 

(minimum of 6 months)


based off the same curriculum as Positive Parenting/Nurturing Family, Master Level staff work 1:1 with parents/families to identify challenges, gain knowledge and skills, and help achieve positive outcomes through direct observation and support


Volunteer Position = Children’s Coach, Community Liaison, Program Coordinator

Volunteer Time Commitment = 3 to 5hrs per seminar

(minimum of 3-6 months)


2 to 4-hr seminars helping families navigate change and challenges related to :

  • divorce/separation
  • fostering
  • blending families
  • sharing custody
  • deployment
  • first time parenting

Other Volunteer Needs

We have several other administrative volunteer needs at our office and beyond:

  • office support
  • facilities maintenance
  • fundraising event help
  • design and videography