We hold them close, we wipe their tears
and we correct them when they're wrong.
Laugh and play with them while they're here
and wonder and worry when they're gone.
We remember first words, first steps, first ride on two wheels,
the first time that you scraped your knee
and I remember how you made me feel
the first time you reminded myself of me.
We buy them diapers, clothes and toys 
and watch them tear them all apart. 
But we can't contain all of the joy
that they insert inside of heart.
They grow up so fast, in a blink of an eye
they start dating and driving cars.
They get smarter and smarter as days go by
and start to find out who they are.
You're my everything, my heart and soul!
You make me feel young, proud and happy,
there's no better feeling that I know 
than you calling out for your daddy!!!