While participating in our parenting class on ACEs, Monty was asked how his feelings were treated growing up.  He began to tell his story that he ultimately labeled “a story of neglect.”  Both of his parents were addicts…they were never there…and even worse, they never appointed someone to care for him.  They labeled him “good for nothing” and used fear tactics to make him tougher on his own.  In an “aha" moment he realized that his parents neglected him his entire childhood.  He boldly stated how lonely it felt to figure this out on his own and the realization that he did not have the opportunity to be a kid. 

Monty began to understand how the lack of a safe, nurturing home led him to risky behaviors. You see, Monty has a criminal record for drugs which ultimately landed him in jail.


Monty intends to parent differently with his own kids.  He wants to hear their fears, accept their excitement and show grace when mistakes are made all because he took a parenting class.  Most of all, he wants to be the dad he never had.


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