Many people want to help children facing adversity, but few realize this often requires transforming the lives of those who care for them.

“You help children by helping parents,” says Jen Trail, director of programs. This is why The Family Center focuses on breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect through parent education.

“The most at-risk parents come to The Family Center needing supportive, healthy relationships,” Trail explains. “Healthy relationships are the basis for building a safe environment and positive experiences for them and their children.”

The Family Center offers parent education classes as a proactive approach to raising healthy, happy children. In a judgment-free environment, vulnerable parents learn how to overcome childhood trauma that can cause them to abuse and neglect their children. Taught by masters-level staff, the classes educate parents about the stages of child development and how to build positive parenting strategies to use at home.

Do you know someone who needs The Family Center’s help?

Too often, the parents who most need help may not know The Family Center is here for them, “said Trail. You can help parents by sharing information about The Family Center and its classes.

If you observe a need for parent education, Trail suggests approaching individuals with a curious mind rather than being judgmental. Ask questions such as “What can I do to help?” that will draw out information in a non-threatening way. If the situation warrants, share information about The Family Center and urge the parent to learn more about our programs at