Parenting & Family Groups

Due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), all in-person groups, seminars, and trainings are suspended as we stay "safer at home."

We are offering Positive Parenting, Nurturing Families, Co-Parenting, and Commuity Resilience programs through an online platform.
Register online or call the number below between 10:00am and 3:00pm M - F.

At The Family Center, we prioritize the health and safety of the families we serve, along with our staff, volunteers, and interns. For any questions or concerns please contact our home office at 615.333.2644, if your call isn't answered or you need support, feel free to contact our CEO at 310.699.0599.

For up-to-date information about the virus, please visit the Center for Disease Control's website.

Positive Parenting… Plus!

Being a parent isn’t always easy… how we parent our children impacts their health, ability in school, and future success in life. Most parents regardless of race, culture, or financial situations are affected by daily demands, time limitations, and stress in general. We can easily become overwhelmed.

Positive Parenting… Plus! uses proven curriculum and methods to offer information, emotional support, skill building, and personal insights,  helping moms, dads, or other family caregivers be the best parents possible!

In our community-based partner sites, parents are encouraged to bring their children (up to age 13) who can share in the “family meal” and participate in their own group focused on similar topics.  This is where the “plus” comes in!

  • 1.5 hrs/week for 8 weeks
  • Various Locations
  • Peer Support
  • Practical Info on:
    • Child Development
    • Self-Esteem
    • Communication
    • Child Safety
    • Handling Stress
    • Parenting Styles
    • Managing Behaviors

Schedule & Locations

For more info call or email  our Manager, Family Engagement at 615.333.2644 x14 or

Mondays: 5:30pm-7:00pm

Patterson Park Community Center
521 Mercury Blvd.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Wednesdays: 5:30pm-7:00pm

Fall Hamilton Elementary School          Family Resource Center                                    510 Wedgewood Ave
Nashville, TN 37203

Enter at the back of the school and look for the The Family Center signs directing you to the door with The Family Center sign.

For additional information contact:                        Sierra Scott -  615.333.2644  x14

Saturdays: 10:30am-12:00pm

TriStar StoneCrest Medical Center
200 StoneCrest Blvd
Smyrna, TN 37167

Turn into the main hospital entrance. Follow signs for the main entrance that is to the right of the Emergency Room. DO NOT enter the emergency room. The door you are looking for will have Parent Class signs posted outside. When you enter, look for a door on your immediate right that says Hospital Classroom.

For additional information contact:                              Sierra Scott -  615.333.2644 x14

Nurturing Families

Sometimes parents need extra help in understanding their children and practicing parenting skills. It’s easy to fall into familiar patterns when everyday stress overwhelms us. This program benefits all family members through education, skills, and insights.

Nurturing Families offers a two-generational, personalized program provided by our caring Family Coaches in homes, designated safe zones, or facilities (substance abuse, jails, etc).

For more info about Nurturing Families call or email us at 615.333.2644 or

  • 1x a week for up to 12 weeks
  • Child, Parent, & Family Activities
  • Personalized Family Goals

Parent support groups

Families can be complicated and sometimes overwhelming, yet things become much easier when we have a system of support. Parent Support Groups provide asafe, confidential space for parents to make meaningful connections with one another, discuss topics related to their families, connet to resources, and engage with a "parent community." Led by peer leaders and TFC staff or volunteers, parents take the lead in shaping the groups they need while benefiting from the guided expertise of our trained TFC team members.

There's no cost to participate. Refreshments are provided, and groups meet bi-weekly.

*Please notify us a week in advance if you need childcare or interpretation services.

Please join us for our next group!

Murfreesboro City Schools (MCS) Family Resource Center
318 E. Lokey Avenue
Murfreesboro, TN

American Baptist College
1800 Baptist World Center Dr.
Nashville, TN

For questions, please call 615.333.2644 (Nashville) or 615.890.4673 (Murfreesboro). To register, please email with your name and phone number (and number of children if childcare is needed). Walk-Ins are also invited.

             Parent Support Groups                 2020 Calendar

  • February 1 @ 10am & 2pm
  • February 15 @ 12:30pm & 4pm
  • February 29 @ 12:30pm & 4pm
  • March 14 @ 12:30pm & 4pm
  • March 29 @ 12:30pm & 4pm
  • 1 hr/week every other week
  • 2 Locations
  • Peer Support