The Family Center’s Mission

breaking multigenerational cycles of child abuse, neglect, & trauma.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), all in-person groups, seminars, and trainings are suspended as we stay "safer at home."

We are offering Positive Parenting, Nurturing Families, Co-Parenting, and Commuity Resilience programs through an online platform.
Register online or call the number below between 10:00am and 3:00pm  M - F. 

At The Family Center, we prioritize the health and safety of the families we serve, along with our staff, volunteers, and interns.  For any questions or concerns please contact our home office at 615.333.2644,  if your call isn't answered or you need support, feel free to contact our CEO at 310.699.0599.

For up-to-date information about the virus, please visit the Center for Disease Control's website.

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A Note from Our CEO

March brought the greatest challenge most of us have ever faced, COVID-19. Everyone with The Family Center holds in our hearts the people and families in our community and country, as well as across the globe, who’ve been affected by this horrific virus. We also continue to pray for those impacted by the tornadoes. For many in Middle Tennessee, March was a doubly devastating month.

Saturday, April 4th was the scheduled date for Change the Tune, an event that brings in 15% of our annual budget… and this year promised to top the charts in attendance, festivities, and fundraising. Amazing how life can change in a second. Needless to say, this virus forced everyone to change their personal and professional lives overnight, and while “safer at home” is challenging, the results appear to be helping reduce infection rates and hopefully will allow all of us to get back to “normal” sooner. If you can find silver linings… more quality time with family, improvements in air and water quality, time for long overdue home projects… enjoy them. If you’re like me, we’re privileged in having a safe home, access to basic needs, and family & friends to connect with virtually as we ride out the next month or two. However there are many in our community who aren’t as fortunate. Social isolation and lack of resources are known indicators of increased family violence and ACEs. This is why The Family Center’s efforts today are important and why our ability to “hit the ground running” will be critical once we’re out from under social isolation. Since March we’ve been reaching out to former and current clients to check in, offering Zoom groups, seminars, and trainings and through social media/email, sharing resources that might help. Our team pivoted quickly and continues to be proactive.

Yet we need your help as well. Like most nonprofits, we’re reeling from the losses. For us it’s a 30% loss in annual revenue due to cancelled events (ours and third parties') that would have come during the 4th quarter of our fiscal year (which ends June 30th). We will be pursuing resources through the CARES Act and are thankful to our government for stepping and helping us retain our amazing staff… our community and clients need them but it won’t be enough as we look beyond the two months the loan will cover. This is where you, if you have the resources, can make a difference for the children and families whose lives, families, and futures are positively changed each year because of The Family Center.

  • Change the Tune - rescheduled to August 29th! Same place, same time, same band, same festiv(al) theme. If we all do our part, we should be ahead of the viral impact and ready for a celebration of our community’s resilience and TFC’s ability to help build resilience in the children and families we serve. If you haven’t already purchased tickets or tables, please do so… and special thanks to those who already have!
  • Sustainer’s Circle - join today by scheduling a monthly gift. Since most of us are saving money on Starbucks (or another favorite coffee vendor), consider taking that $5/week savings and turn it into a $20/month life changing gift by becoming a Sustainer! We still have the ECON Charities match so any donations will be doubled.
  • The Big Payback - mark your calendars for May 6th and connect with The Family Center to see how you can contribute through online opportunities and double your impact through our ECON Charities match.

We truly value your gifts no matter how large or small... especially now… when so many need so much! If your contributions are helping others in the community, we are grateful as well. Now more than ever we are #strongertogether!

With much gratitude,

Susan M. Galeas
President & CEO

Coping with Covid-19

We're all facing some unique challenges. But you're not alone! The Family Center is here to help you and your family in any way we can. Below are a list of resources, activities, & tips and tricks to help you through this tough time. Check daily for new information and updates.



Emergency Cash Assistance
IMPORTANT: The Department of Human Services (DHS) is offering emergency cash assistance to eligible families who have lost employment because of COVID-19. Applications open Thursday, March 26th. Applicants must apply online during this time. Find more information here.

Free Meals in Nashville
If you're looking for an easy way to replace your child's school meal, Metro Nashville Public Schools is working with Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee to offer breakfast and lunch meals to all children under 18 beginning March 23rd. Click here to find a pick-up location near you!

Free Meals in Rutherford County
Rutherford County Schools has launched a free food program for children under 18 at 10 locations across the county while the schools remain closed. Parents can also get breakfast and lunch for under $4. Click here to find out more information!

Tips & Tricks for Families

Stress is on the rise...inside the home and outside of it. The American Heart Association shares some advice for how to deal with conflict. Schools may be closed but that doesn't mean we're not still learning! You can use this as a chance to teach kids how to handle their emotions and teach them healthy coping skills.

They also have lots of activities for parents and kids to do around the house. Some of their topics include:

  • eating healthy
  • reducing stress
  • staying active
  • limiting screen time
  • doing creative activites
  • and much more!

Visit their website to find out more information. AHA offers 6 mini social-emotional learning workshops that might help you and your family through these tough times. 


Self-Care & Fun Activities

Make a Calm Down Bottle
Calm down bottles are great sensory toys for kids...and sometimes adults! They can be great tools to help your children learn to calm themselves when they're upset, they're fun to play with, and it's exciting to make them. Even parents love building their own.

Not a fan of glitter? There are plenty of glitter-free ways to make these bottles. Check out this link for some ideas!


Germ Activity
What a great time to teach children about germs and soap! This is a great activity to teach them personal hygiene skills. Visit this website to conduct your own germ experiment with the kids.

Don’t forget to follow up with handwashing instructions! Wash your hands with your child, remembering to scrub for at least 20 seconds (or hum "The Happy Birthday" song from beginning to end twice). The CDC has more in-depth tips here.

Homemade Play Doh
Need a fun activity to do together without screens? Making homemade play doh together could be a good option for you. And they're easy to make! Check out this website for instructions and ingredients. Or visit here for a recipe that doesn't require cooking.