Parenting Seminars & workshops

PLEASE NOTE: We call them seminars because they're like classes on steroids!


In-person seminars are cancelled until further notice.
Parents who are divorcing or  living in separate residences often struggle to find balance between parenting styles.  This seminar helps them gain insight into their children’s developmental needs and learn co-parenting skills.  Being a parent isn’t easy, yet knowledge & support from family coaches can make a lifetime of difference for families.

Parents recently deployed, separated, divorcing, or facing family changes find this course helps guide families through times of transition.  Changes are difficult, and separation often brings feelings of loss and grief… especially for children.

  • 4 hour session (unless noted as a SPLIT session)
  • SPLIT sessions are seminars split into two-hour experiences on two different days. You will need to attend both sessions in order to receive a certificate
  • Guided by Child Development Professionals
  • Peer Support
  • Practical Coping Skills
  • Communication
  • Additional Topics: mediation, child support, visitation, and attachment theory
  • Meets Tennessee's mandatory legal requirements for divorcing parents

COST: $45 individual, $65 couple

Please note: Seminar registration will close 24 hours prior to the event. 

Co-Parenting - Virtual

Nashville Virtual

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Murfreesboro Virtual

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Restoring Connections

*If you are referred from Nashville's Juvenile Court, this is the seminar for you.*

In-person seminars are cancelled until further notice.
Sometimes families have conflict that gets in the way of positive relationships between adults and children.  This 2.5 hr seminar guides participants through the challenges of parenting and offers insights, practical suggestions, and resources that help! Topics include:

  • understanding children's developmental needs
  • creating effective co-parenting strategies
  • discovering the importance of parents’ self-care
  • learning about Adverse Childhood Experiences and how they impact brain development
  • And so much more!

COST: $45 individual

Please note: Seminar registration will close 24 hours prior to the event. 

Restoring Connections

First 3!

Hospitals, doctors, & doulas help with birthing…but what happens when you’re home with a new baby… or have a toddler who tests your limits?

Created under the guidance of pediatrician Jill Obremskey, MD, MPHHC, she or other pediatric experts lead our 2.5hr workshop packed with practical content focusing on:

  • understanding brain development & how parents can help promote healthy brains
  • working with your co-parent to create consistent, effective parenting strategies
  • learning how Adverse Childhood Experiences & Adverse Community Environments (ACEs) impact brain development
  • gaining insight into your child’s emotional and behavioral reactions & discovering techniques for positive coping strategies & emotional regulation (including your own)
  • knowing the latest research on Attachment Theory and how early parent/child attachment lays a foundation for later success… and more!


Please note: Workshop registration will close 24 hours prior to the event. 

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First 3!