family coaching

nurturing families

There’s no handbook for raising children.  That’s where Nurturing Families comes in!  Each family is unique and our Family Coach works with you by leveraging the strengths of each family member to improve dynamics. We take a 2 generational approach in the home, designated safe zones, or a group setting.

With a Family Coach you will also be able to practice with tools like sensory toys (slime, rain sticks, stress balls, etc..), chore wheels, and games that build attachment and connection. We look forward to supporting you and your family as you apply skills in real time!

Nurturing Families

1x a week for up to 12 weeks

Meetings virtually

Child, Parent, & Family Activities

Personalized Family Goals

Offered in Davidson & Rutherford Counties

helps your family...

  • cope with the challenges of parenting
  • understand your child’s development
  • build positive, nurturing habits for your whole family

topics include...

  • developing family resiliency
  • empathy & nurturing discipline
  • schedules and routines
  • building self-esteem in children
  • social connections & healthy attachment
  • much more!

For more info about the Nurturing Families Family Coaching program call or email us at 615.333.2644 or