Being a Dad Isn’t Always Easy

Being Dad to a strong willed, independent, and intelligent 4-year-old – characteristics which sometimes gets him in trouble at home and school –  isn’t always easy, especially juggling shared custody and differing parenting styles.  Yet, the right knowledge and support can really change the game!

Meet Aaron and Jett…

Jett is a typical boy who loves the outdoors, he’s even found a nest where he’s carefully watching baby robins grow!  He’s also typical in responding to emotional cues from his parents, these can show up as not listening to his teachers or acting out.  Both are predictable reactions for children experiencing trauma due to stressful family changes like divorce or separation.

Aaron wanted to be the best dad possible for Jett, he registered for and completed The Family Center’s Positive Parenting and Nurturing Home programs. “It was terrifying enough to become a dad. Then his mom and I separated.”  TFC helped Aaron navigate challenges inherent with major family changes and the impact on Jett’s development.

“When I first came to TFC, I thought I knew all about being a parent.  But, I gained so much more than I believed possible. I learned about emotional development, brain development. The program made me aware of how playtime affects Jett’s growth. Now, I base our activities on where he is developmentally. We loved our TFC Coaches. They really listened, welcomed ideas, nurtured our growth, and supported me by providing the right tools to help Jett.”

“A big reason I came to The Family Center was to understand why I felt so guilty. It doesn’t feel good to talk about but it’s real. Insecurities creep in: Am I a bad dad? Do I measure up? A lot of dads feel inadequate; trying to live up to a standard for men. Finding harmony for your family is important and that’s what The Family Center is all about. It’s our job as parents to guide our kids. When you’re firm with them you might think you’re being mean, but you’re not. You’re doing the right thing. Setting boundaries and showing kids how to respect them impacts their relationships in the future and their relationship to YOU.”

Because of The Family Center, Aaron has found balance not only within his family but within himself. He says that TFC has completely changed the parenting game for him and his family. Learn more about what The Family Center does.