Creating a Positive Connection

Aubrey is a married mom of a two-year-old, who joined Positive Parenting… Plus! after struggling to connect with her child. Before joining the group, Aubrey or her husband would tell Charlie, “no” or “don’t do that”, they were met with meltdowns or a big “no!” from Charlie.

While in the group, Aubrey shared, “Positive Parenting… Plus! made me realize how greatly our parenting influences the future development of our child into adulthood.” She particularly benefitted from the knowledge and experiences shared by not only their group leader but the other parents in the group. She learned the importance of being mindful in their actions and patient and nurturing while helping Charlie through stressful situations. While he didn’t participate in the group, her husband also learned from the experience and together they are creating a strong and loving connection with their child; finding flexible and creative ways to connect.

After practicing the skills she learned through The Family Center, Aubrey said, “I understand more about my child’s personality – the power of communication, touch, praise, humor and laughter, routines, giving them choices, and more. It became easier to discipline Charlie by practicing the ‘Connect, Empower, Correct’ method.” Because of her time with The Family Center when Charlie has difficulty listening or following directions, Aubrey and her husband get down to Charlie’s level face-to-face, hold hands, and listen. Charlie then says “sorry” and gives a BIG hug and kiss!

** Names have been changed to protect the privacy of this family.